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Ask Burton: This week, a reminder about bagworms! An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure.

June, 07


Bagworms hatch out and begin feeding every May. Check your junipers (including Italian cypress), bald cypresses, roses, Japanese maples and Indian hawthorns for chewed and missing foliage. We’re already…

Ask Burton: This week, we’d like to answer several unrelated questions about one of our favorite summer color shrubs – the Crapemyrtle! In no particular order, here we go.

May, 30

My newly installed crapemyrtle looks droopy – I’m running my sprinkler three times a week and watering with a hose at least once a week but it’s still tired-looking and…

Ask Burton: Q: I built a raised garden this year, filled it with a bulk soil sold to me as “vegetable garden mix”, and planted peppers and squash in it. WHY is nothing growing? My plants are well watered, but still yellow and stunted.

May, 23

A: It’s a question of nutrition.

Raised garden soil blends typically have lots of aged pine bark and compost in the mix, which is perfectly fine. But these materials leech…

Ask Burton: Q: My mature live oak has hundreds of suckers coming up around it! Why is this happening? What can I do to make them go away?

May, 17

A: The likely culprit is weather damage, even if knowing the cause doesn’t help with the problem much.

Live oaks have a tendency to sucker up from ground level when…

Ask Burton: Q: My clay has terrible drainage! Should I add sand to the soil to loosen it?

May, 10

A: No!
Sand drains far better than clay does, so it seems reasonable to say, “Hey, this material is looser than my normal soil. Wouldn’t it loosen what I…

Ask Burton: Q: My magnolia has lots of yellow to yellowish brown leaves scattered all through it! I have leaves all over the ground, so what’s going on?

May, 01

A: Put simply, magnolias just do this. It’s a perfectly natural event that happens every year. It’s harmless, but since we’ve had several questions on this single topic recently, we…

Ask Burton: Q: Why does my St. Augustine lawn look so weak? It’s much thinner than it should be for the time of year, and basically dead in shadier parts of the yard. Is it diseased?

April, 26

A: St. Augustine lawns had a rough winter.

The December cold snap is the likely culprit, but not the only problem people have brought to us this spring. Whether you…

Ask Burton: Q: I love bougainvillea, but how do I make them bloom more? They grow and grow, but they don’t bloom well in my yard.

April, 12

A: You need to be meaner to your plants. Don’t love them so much, and in particular, don’t water them so much!

Bougainvillea thrive in hot, dry climates, and you…

Ask Burton Q: Now that the weather has warmed up, what gardening projects do I need to focus on?

April, 03

A: It’s time to do many things in the lawn and garden! A quick overview of the most important tasks ahead:

• Fertilize Everything! – If you haven’t already, please…

Ask Burton: Q: My Bermuda lawn was neglected last year, and I need to get it back into order. Where do I start?

March, 28

A: Our normal recommendations start with applying pre-emergent herbicides in mid-February until the first week of March, but at this point, you’re already late on that one. Put it on…