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New Arrivals – Week of September 21st

September, 21

Explore our massive selection of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vines, grasses, and more! Here's a selection of some new or expected things in the coming week. Please note that plant availability can change between when they're ordered and when they get delivered to us, so on some occasions, the plants listed below may be out of stock.

  • Twist of Lime Abelia
  • Milky Way Cast of Iron
  • Hot Pink Azalea
  • Baby Gem Boxwood
  • Woodlanders Hardy Bottlebrush
  • Kanjiro Camelia
  • Loquat
  • Dwarf Euonymus
  • Hydrangea (several varieties)
  • Micron Holly
  • Crape Myrtle (several varieties)
  • Bay Laurel
  • Desperado Sage
  • Loropetulum (several varieties)
  • Indigo Flair Mahonia
  • Marvel Mahonia
  • Blush Pink Nandina
  • Calisto Indian Hawthorn
  • Pinkie Indian Hawthorn
  • Summertime Blues Vitex
  • Yucca (several varieties)
  • Little Gem Magnolia Espalier
  • Teddy Bear Magnolia
  • Blue Angel Althea
  • Double Pink Althea
  • Purple Pillar Althea
  • Raspberry Smoothie Althea
  • White Pillar Althea
  • Oakland Holly
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Pink Drift Rose
  • Gold Mop False Cypress
  • Elaegnus Espalier
  • Burford Holly
  • Shoal Creek Vitex
  • Japanese Maple (several varieties)
  • Thunderhead Pine
  • Franky Boy Arborvitae
  • Autumn Blaze Maple
  • Autumn Gold Ginkgo
  • Brandywine Red Maple
  • Slender Silhouette Sweetgum
  • Yoshino Cherry
  • Eagleston Holly
  • Sea Green Juniper
  • Green Cloud Sage
  • Grey Owl Juniper
  • Green Mountain Boxwood
  • Althea (several varieties)
  • Nellie R. Stevens Holly
  • Nandina (several varieties)
  • Foxtail Fern
  • Sunshine Ligustrum
  • Wood Fern
  • Texas Sage
  • Heavenly Cloud Texas Sage
  • Doozie Double Play Spiraea

Vines – Carolina Jessamine, Evergreen Wisteria, Boston Ivy, Star Jasmine

Perennials – Peter Pan Dwarf Lily of the Nile, Jolt Dianthus, Russian Sage, Blue Emotion Salvia, Moody Blue Veronica, Mums, Miner’s Gold Lomandra, Gaillardia, Gaura, Heliopsis, Hosta, Catmint, Balloon Flower, Dwarf Ruellia, Salvia (several varieties), Pincushion, Society Garlic, Acanthus, Aster

Annuals – French Marigolds, Ornamental Peppers, Purple Fountain Grass, Celosia (several varieties), Croton, Calibrachoa, Supercal Petchoa, Duranta, Orange Crossandra, Lantana


Groundcover – Snow -N- Summer Asiatic Jasmine, Green Sedum, Blue Spruce Sedum, Lemon Ball Sedum, Mouse Ears Sedum

Vegetables – Arugula, Fava Bean, French Bean, Kentucky Wonder Bean, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Collards, Elegance Green Mix, Kale, Lettuce, Giant Mustard, Sugar Snap Pea, Radish, Spinich, Turnip



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